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Immigration Discussion Event - Weds April 29th In Liverpool

The Workers Educational Association has been running discussion based events to encourage political engagement and help people gain a more informed perspective on key social and political issues. We believe it is important in the run up to a general election - and simply for its own sake, to open up spaces outside of formal education where people can learn about the issues which affect us all. It is not our intention to push a certain party line, but instead to provide a space where people are encouraged to present a wide range of views and decide for themselves.

Video: Emergency First Aid At Work Training

Check out this video from a recent Emergency First Aid At Work class in Leigh, Lancashire. The session was held at Joining Communities office and led by tutor Chris Thackrah. The course consisted of Recovery Position, CPR, Treatment for Shock, Bandaging and how to help if someone is choking. As you can see the session was a big hit with attendees who were able to learn skills that just might save someone's life in future!

Last Chance To Sign Up For Free April Courses In Rochdale

LAST CHANCE FOR FREE COURSES at CITTECH, 131 Entwisle Road, Rochdale, OL16 2JJ

• Are you 19 years or older with a National Insurance number
• Have you lived in the UK for 3 years
• Do you work or volunteer for a Gtr Manchester company (up to 250 people)
• OR are you are self-employed and registered with HMRC

If the answer is yes you could be eligible for free training so come along to the Enrolment & Assessment day at Cittech: Thurs 23rd April 10:30am (3hr)

Community Interpreting Level 1

Adult Learners' Week 2015

13 – 19 June 2015

Adult Learners’ Week 2015 runs this year from 13th to 19th June, with the Festival of Learning running from 1st May to 30th June.

The Festival of Learning provides opportunities for adults to have a go at learning, organisations to promote their courses and the profile of lifelong learning to be raised.

Granada Reports Election Debate In Liverpool - April 7th - St George's Hall

You can't have failed to notice that the UK General Election campaigns of various parties are getting into full swing following Easter. As part of the build up Granada TV are holding an election debate live at St George's Hall in Liverpool on Tuesday April 7th and they would like people to join the audience. The debate will involve major politicians from many UK parties answering questions on all kinds of subjects but chiefly the NHS, immigration, the economy and the cost of living.

Memory Cafe @ Costa Coffee - Tuesday April 7th, midday onwards

As part of our ongoing dementia project work here at WEA North West we run regular Memory Cafe events. You'll be no stranger to our posts about them if you read this website even semi regularly. Memory Cafes are open to all and the idea is to offer a safe and welcoming environment for those living with dementia and their carers to socialise. We have a theme for each one and provide materials such as photos, toys and other things to foster conversation about the past and hopefully bring back a few memories. Most of all it's a place where people can relax knowing that everyone understands the condition and get some support.

WEA Tutor Conference 6th June

Saturday 6th June 2015 Tutor Conference at St Thomas Centre, Ardwick Green North, M12 6FZ  10:00 - 4:00

This year's tutor conference is something completely different. It is less of a conference and more of a Tutor Fair.The focus is on providing you with the tools to make your job easier by discussing ideas and challenges and sharing resources. We will be gathering some fun content for our website too so if you want to take part in our, "WEA Tutors Telling Jokes" start working on your comic timing now. Don't forget to register for the event by emailling and include the following information

Our Liverpool Homes - Discussion event, March 26th

Discussion Event Location: Ship & Mitre Pub L2 2JH, Thursday 26th March, 7 - 9.30pm.

Our Topic Is Housing: According to the Nationwide, house prices are now nearly 5 times average incomes. Yet banks and building societies will only allow people to lend 3 times their income to buy a house. This means they cannot afford to buy. House prices have risen so high, in fact, that first time buyers can no longer afford to buy in over 80% of the country.

WEA Member+Volunteer Event in Old Trafford Friday 6th March

WEA Wear What you Want Event

An event jointly organised by WEA NW and the St John's Centre Old Trafford The Event will take place from 10 am until 12 noon on Friday 6th March at the St John's centre on St John's road in Old Trafford (postcode M16 7GX) and is followed by a lunch. The event is free - including the lunch and is open to all. (There is however a "dress up space" upstairs which is women only).