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Our Liverpool Homes - Upcoming discussion event, March 26th

A group photo of various people at Oomoo coffee (Liverpool) for the WEA discussion event

Discussion Event Location: Ship & Mitre Pub L2 2JH, Thursday 26th March, 7 - 9.30pm.

Our Topic Is Housing: According to the Nationwide, house prices are now nearly 5 times average incomes. Yet banks and building societies will only allow people to lend 3 times their income to buy a house. This means they cannot afford to buy. House prices have risen so high, in fact, that first time buyers can no longer afford to buy in over 80% of the country.

WEA Member+Volunteer Event in Old Trafford Friday 6th March

St John's Centre, Trafford, Manchester - An exterior photo of the church building

WEA Wear What you Want Event

An event jointly organised by WEA NW and the St John's Centre Old Trafford The Event will take place from 10 am until 12 noon on Friday 6th March at the St John's centre on St John's road in Old Trafford (postcode M16 7GX) and is followed by a lunch. The event is free - including the lunch and is open to all. (There is however a "dress up space" upstairs which is women only).

Have you got an Ology?

The Small Magellanic Cloud includes stellar nurseries such as N90, shown here in a newly released image by the Hubble Space Telescope (Image: NASA/ESA/Hubble Heritage/STScI/AURA)

Not just for the Maureen Lipman fans...

WEA North West is developing a couple of exciting bids in sciences: with the Royal Astronomical Society and the Royal Society of Chemistry.  If successful, this will result in a new range of course development and delivery in STEMM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine).

Memory Cafe @ Costa Coffee - March 3rd, midday

Attendees having fun at a memory cafe event in Maggie May's Cafe on Bold St
As part of our ongoing dementia project here at WEA North West we run regular Memory Cafe events. You'll be no stranger to our posts about them here if you read this website even semi regularly. Memory Cafes are open to all and the idea is to offer a safe and welcoming environment for those living with dementia and their carers to socialise. We have a theme for each one and provide materials such as photos, toys and other things to foster conversation about the past and hopefully bring back a few memories.

Become The Media - Thursday 5 March 1.00-3.30pm

pen and notebook, writing notes

Launch of new course Thursday 5th March 1.00-3.30pm at the Leaf Cafe Upstairs, Bold Street, Liverpool.

Talkshop Facilitator Training - 26th Feb, Liverpool

John Archer Hall in Toxteth, location for the Talkshop training event

Here at WEA North West we've been running a series of political engagement events and debates recently. You'll have seen plenty of news about this if you read this site regularly. We want to help people debate and discuss the big issues leading up to the general election in May, and more importantly register to vote and have a say. To do this we've been using a format called Crowd Wise which was developed by Perry Walker.

Private View At People's History Museum, Manchester on Feb 20th

An external photo of the People's History Museum Manchester. A red brick building.

The People's History Museum in Manchester are having a special private view of their exhibition Election! Britain Voting on Friday Feb 20th at 5:30pm. It's aimed at tutors and others in the education field, offering a chance to not only see the exhibition but also meet the education team from PMH and discover opportunities you might not be aware of. Here at WEA we work in conjunction with PMH a lot and they have great resources you should check out.

You can find more information on their own website -

Upcoming Event: Debate The Future Of The NHS - Tues Feb 17th

External view of The Brink in Liverpool

As part of our WEA political engagement events we will be hosting a discussion focusing on the NHS, or more accurately the future of it. The NHS is a crucial talking point in the election build up and could even decide the outcome. We feel it's vital that people are given the opportunity to come and speak to others, hear their views on the NHS and what they feel is the best possible direction for it to take.

Temporary Vacancies - Administrator Grade A and B Liverpool Office

Liverpool admin staff

Clerk - Grade A Point 2 - £13,923

Monday – Friday 9.00 – 5.00 pm

35 hours per week

Based in the WEA Liverpool Office

Temporary Contract until 31st July 2015

Administrator – Grade B  Point 6 -  £17,491 pro rata

Monday – Friday 1.30 pm – 5.00 pm

17.5 hours per week

Based in the WEA Liverpool Office

Temporary Contract until 31st July 2015

Upcoming Digital Photography Course In Stockport

An exterior photograph of Cheadle Mosque and community centre in Stockport

We're excited to let you know about a new digital photography course coming up in Stockport in Feb 2015. This course will introduce the key skills that underpin photography. Attendees will learn about composition (rule of thirds etc.) and post processing. This will be done by a mix of taught classes, demonstrations and class exercises, and group critiques.

Here's the vital details:



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